Dear Friends

Thank you for your prayerful support of the work of Langham Preaching around the world. There is so much for which to be thankful as God does his work among us and through us. Here is one example from Igor Améstegui, our Director in Latin America, based in Cochabamba, Bolivia.

I am deeply grateful to our Lord for His guidance with our gathering of national teams from across the continent, held last week in Lima, Peru. We were 79 people from 17 countries, including the Hispanic diaspora in Canada. It was a special joy to have the presence of Paul Windsor, our international director, who travelled from New Zealand; and Ruth Slater, our associate director, who came from England. The written evaluations from the participants show that besides the biblical expositions and workshops, what most encouraged them was the opportunity to meet with colleagues from other teams and to share experiences and learn from each other. Let us pray that the encouragement and vision received serves as a catalyst for the growth towards maturity of the Latin American movement.

Please pray for the work in various places around the world

Indonesia: The second part of a Level One seminar is being hosted by a preaching club in Bogor, on Monday. Participating are 11 lay preachers, with Ayub Rusmanto and Tri Santoso as the facilitators. We are asked to pray that participants will continue to practice what they learn in the context of new preaching clubs.

Nigeria: A comprehensive training week is planned for Port Harcourt, one of the key southern cities in the country. Level One, Two and Three seminars are all in the programme, as are some ‘refresher’ and ushirika (preaching club) coordinator training. A total of 100 participants are expected, with the team of facilitators being Mamman Sokumba, Zion Ngoka, Godswill Chinemerem, Femi Oyekan, Samson Nitonye and Hankuri Tawus Gaya (preaching movement coordinator). Gaya asks us to pray that ‘God will mobilize more participants to own and drive the vision—and that those coming for the ‘refresher’ and ushirika training move on to become leaders in the work.’

Myanmar: A Level Two seminar runs through this week in Insein township. Twenty participants are expected, with a facilitator team of Pung Ram, Yaw Han, Sein Kyi, Run Nuam Thang, Nyo Nyo Win and Ruby Htu Seng. We are asked to pray for an effective seminar in a peaceful setting, given that the political situation in the cities continues to be unstable.

Cote d’Ivoire: Again, right through the week, Level One and Two seminars take place in Man, with 29 and 24 participants respectively. The facilitators are Armand Dzadu, Victor Obeng and Aristide Takore. Pray for safety in travel and for the growing partnership with theological seminaries.

Spain: This eastern part in the country is in its second cycle of training—and on Saturday a Level Two seminar is planned. They are expecting 20 participants from 3-4 provinces in this region. It has been a challenge to recover from the pandemic and rebuild the momentum. Pray for them as they look to reach more people, with a particular request that people from Castellón be drawn into the preaching movement.

Thank-you for your faithfulness in this ministry of prayer.

The Langham Preaching Team