Dear Friends

Thank you for your prayerful support of the work of Langham Preaching around the world. There is so much for which to be thankful as God does his work among us and through us. Here is one example from Mark Meynell, our Director for Europe & the Caribbean, based in Maidenhead (UK).

When the gospel first started growing, it rippled out from Jerusalem like a pebble dropped in a pond. It went to Judaea, Samaria and eventually to Rome (Acts 1:8). Very soon, however Jerusalem was displaced by Antioch as the mission-sending church, only for it to be eclipsed by Rome, the imperial capital. But while church history has witnessed the Church’s centre of gravity shift every few decades from cities and regions, one of the amazing realities in the twenty-first century is that there are many such centres in what is a truly global body.

I write this from Medellin, Colombia, even though my ‘patch’ is normally Europe and the Caribbean. A few months ago Femi Adeleye (our Director in Africa) joined me for an event in Austria, which is not exactly in his patch either. And last month Roland Tamini (Burkina Faso) joined the Asia & South Pacific team for their meetings in Sri Lanka. It is just a taste of the church cross-fertilising around the world. What a thrill to be part of the dream of a church that goes from everywhere to everywhere. Praise God we can witness this in our lifetimes!

Please pray for the work in various places around the world

Zambia: From Monday until Wednesday there is a Vision Bearers’ Consultation (VBC) in Lusaka, with church leaders coming from across the country and from different denominations. Emeka Egbo, Femi Adeleye, Frank Shayi and Joseph Morenammele are to facilitate the event. We are asked to pray ‘for a good attendance and that the interim leadership team that is appointed will be committed to carry out the Langham Preaching vision for Zambia as a whole.’

Zimbabwe: Then, from Thursday until Saturday, the same facilitators from the Africa Leadership Team travel on to Harare for a second Vision Bearers’ Consultation. Between 30-40 leaders from different denominations are expected. Please pray for all the planning and that the right people participate so that Langham Preaching Zimbabwe will continue to grow and mature.

Myanmar: A Level One seminar with 28 participants runs right through this week in Tachileik, Shan State—with Sein Kyi and Slai Yaw Han as the facilitators. Please pray that everyone travels safely and remains healthy through the week.

Liberia: A Level Three seminar runs from Thursday until Saturday in Tubmanburg, with 20 participants expected—and with Micheal Clement, Samuel Moses and Matthew Gonkerwon as the facilitators. Let’s pray for ‘a great learning environment’ as participants develop sermons from the New Testament—and pray also for a fresh commitment to the ushirika (preaching clubs).

Liberia: Also, on Sunday, there is to be a virtual leadership team meeting. Give thanks for the excellent team that has developed under Matthew Gonkerwon’s guidance: facilitators Jeremiah Zweh, Washington Kolleh, Micheal Clement, Samuel Moses and Titus Name—together with Karen Gonkerwon (prayer coordinator), Romeo Dennis (ushirika coordinator) and Kokek Kotee (chairman). Pray especially as they consider strategies for fundraising and as they deepen further the commitment of facilitators to this ministry.

Spain: On Saturday there are two seminars in different areas: (a) In Castilla-León where there is a new beginning for the training with 25 participants—and so please pray that ‘the Lord supports all the effort and gives persistence to all the participants’ ; and (b) In Galicia where a ‘virtual’ seminar takes place with 20 participants. Please pray for them as they continue to regain momentum after the pandemic. Give thanks for Fernando Plou (preaching movement coordinator) and his team as they continue to build the work under God’s hand.

Bolivia: A Level Two seminar in the preacher training program is happening in Santa Cruz, from Saturday until Monday. The 30 dedicated participants will be joined by Fernando Montoya, Carmen Urey and Clemente Flores as the facilitators. Give thanks for ‘the local leadership's continuous support, and we believe that with your prayers, this program will thrive’.

Argentina: A Level Two virtual seminar is planned for five consecutive Saturdays, starting this week. It is to be facilitated by Alejandra Arena, Anahí Alberti, Andrés Peláez, Nelly Pérez, Paola Gómez, and Romina Soria. They are expecting 29 participants spanning 10 Argentinean cities—Jujuy, Monterrico, Salta in the North; La Rioja, Villa María, Campana, Gobernador Castro, San Fernando in the Central; and Gaiman, Trevelin in the South. ‘As we prepare for this endeavor, we humbly request your prayers for the Lord's guidance and grace in facilitating a seamless and impactful seminar, and for His control over the technical support. Your prayers hold immense significance for us’.

Thank-you for your faithfulness in this ministry of prayer.

The Langham Preaching Team