Dear Friends

Thank you for your prayerful support for the work of Preaching around the world. This week Michael McGowan, our Consultant for the Francophone World, leads us in our prayer needs for the week ahead.

James wrote his letter to a church that was persecuted, dispersed and in need of perseverance. He wanted to encourage them. And yet in the midst of his teaching James writes of their “fights” and “quarrels” (James 4.1). This is a warning for us, reminding us not to allow our present trials to become an occasion for dispute. One of my major concerns, as we journey together through this Covid crisis and its aftermath, is that this global trial could divide us. Covid can be divisive. Today many are suffering greatly, while others escape it; some take Covid seriously, while others tend to ignore it; many believe masks are a protection, while others resist wearing them; and many seek vaccinations, while others are opposed to them. In my country many Christians are divided on these issues — but this should not be the case.

Even if Covid divides people intellectually, we must not allow this to divide our churches and families. This lies heavily on my heart. Jesus gave us a new commandment to love one another in spite of our differences: By this everyone will know that you are my disciples, if you love one another (John 13.35). The world is divided over many of these issues. But within the church of Jesus we must learn to get along with each other. Are there areas where you have difficulty in getting on with other believers? This week, let’s pray that the Lord will help us resolve these issues for the glory of Jesus alone.

Please pray for the Francophone world:

Many people within the Francophone World are not within reach of good Internet connectivity. So please pray that God will preserve our leaders and preachers’ clubs in places like Haiti and Congo. While we have established preaching movements in these places, it is difficult to maintain the momentum as we wait to travel once again.

On the other end of the scale, pray for the plans to hold a new seminar in Francophone Switzerland next month. Current Covid travel restrictions complicate matters. Pray that God will open up ways for people to participate in these meetings and that we can teach effectively about the need to preach faithfully, clearly and relevantly.

Please pray for the work in other places around the world

Chile & Uruguay: Monday marks the start of a training programme for the coordinators of preaching clubs, with 30 participants expected. Wilfredo Weigandt will be joined by members of the Chilean preaching movement committee — Esteban Alvarez, Álvaro Escobar, Juan Esteban Sarabia, Owen Bull, Patricia Valverde, Ricardo Vallejos, and Gabriel Ibañez — as facilitators for this training. Please pray that they will be able to prepare these coordinators for the virtual Level One training.

Argentina: Monday is also the second day of the virtual workshop with 100 participants from the Bible Society, teaching the tools needed to preach from the Epistles — and facilitated by Nelly Pérez, Andrés Peláez and Paola Gómez. Give thanks for this opportunity to make the Langham Preaching ministry more widely known across Argentina.

Burkina Faso: Monday sees the start of a Level One seminar at the Evangelical College of the Assemblies of God in Tenkodogo — with Roland Tamini and Amos Nougtara as the facilitators. As the 70 participants gather, please pray for a good assimilation of what is being learned — and for safety, as this central-eastern region has been repeatedly impacted by terrorism and jihadism.

Latin America: On Thursday, Wilfredo Weigandt, regional coordinator for the Southern Cone, is presenting his new book, Preaching and Actuality, at a conference. The event is open to everyone. Pray that it will provide an opportunity to introduce the ministry of Langham Preaching to new people.

East Timor: The Level One training continues on Thursday on Zoom, with Njoo Mee Fang, Doni Siswanto and Jonathan Gunthorpe as the facilitators. Pray for a strong commitment from the participants and for a good internet connection.

Costa Rica: On Saturday and Sunday, 60 participants are expected for a ‘refresher’ seminar on narrative preaching. Please pray for clear wisdom, good understanding and close fellowship during this significant event.

India: Also, on Saturday and Sunday, across in Kohima (Nagaland), a Level One seminar concludes. More than 35 participants are involved, under the oversight of Kedo Peseyie as the preaching movement coordinator. Please pray for the facilitators and all participants and that the time together will bear fruit that will last.

Thank you for your faithfulness in prayer!

The Langham Preaching team