Dear Friends

Thank you for your prayerful support for the work of Langham Preaching around the world. This week Desmond Rogers, our Regional Coordinator in the Caribbean, shares some thoughts leading to a focus for prayer in the week ahead.

Sometimes God doesn’t answer our prayers when and how we’d like. I know of someone who continues to trust God for something, despite many years of praying. Hebrews 11, with the heroes of the faith, is often used for providing examples of stubborn faith. Undoubtedly, God honoured the faith of people like Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, Rahab and others — who saw God’s miraculous power. However, in that same chapter, there were those who did not have that kind of experience. They did not receive what had been promised (v. 39) and yet they were still living by faith when they died (v 13). Faith means putting our complete trust in God, regardless of the outcome, because He has a better plan for us (v 40).

I am told that the Chinese character for ‘problem’ is the same one for ‘opportunity’. The Covid-19 pandemic has brought many challenges but it has also brought many opportunities. One challenge is that it has made us more ‘high-tech’, but also ‘low-touch’. People want to give a handshake, a hug, or a kiss but have to be reminded of the social distancing measures in effect. Recognizing the human desire for connectedness means that we have to look for other ways to keep in touch. We thank God for technology and social media as options that can be utilized. However, we also thank God that we don’t need to be socially distant from Him. He invites us to draw near unto Him and He will draw near unto us (James 4:8).

Please pray for

Central America: Today (Monday) there is a time of prayer, fellowship and planning for the six preaching movement coordinators from across this region. Please pray that this will be an opportunity for mutual encouragement, renewing their vision and receiving practical tools that can enrich their role.

Burkina Faso: On Tuesday and Wednesday, there is a training workshop for preaching club coordinators in Koudougou, with Roland Tamini and Amos Nougtara as the facilitators. Pray for the 25 participants and that the new preaching clubs will provide an effective start to the work in this part of the country.

Hispanic Diaspora: There are more than 50,000 Latino churches across the USA. Beginning on Wednesday, in Houston, Jorge Atiencia and Alex Chiang spend a few days with 12 people, with the purpose of establishing a team to lead this ministry of training preachers among Latinos in the USA.

East Timor: A Level One seminar is meeting on Zoom for seven Fridays, with Njoo Mee Fang and Doni Siswanto as facilitators. Please pray that the 24 participants will remain committed throughout the entire training and then be willing to be part of a preaching club — and pray also for stable internet and electricity as learners tend to be living in remote areas.

Philippines: A group of eight people are spending this week together for the purpose of creating a handbook for Level One, ‘in a way that enables a fisherman with little education’ to teach it. Please pray for guidance, as they press on to achieve their goals and work in unity together — and keep the coordinator, Iljo de Keijzer, in your prayers, as she recovers from Covid-19.

Uganda: A group of 12 people, from a variety of vocations, is gathering again on Zoom on Saturday for their continuing Level One seminar, with Barbara & Paul Majoli and Isaac Nuwamanya as their facilitators. Please pray for a good internet connection and that the group will grow in their skills and move on to become regular preachers.

Argentina: On Monday (and next Monday), Nelly Pérez, Andrés Peláez and Paola Gómez are facilitating a virtual workshop for the Bible Society in Argentina. The focus is on preaching from the Epistles and they are expecting 100 participants. Give thanks to God for this opportunity to present this ministry in this setting. Please pray that the Spirit of wisdom will guide the facilitators towards being clear and effective with their topic.

Thanks for your prayers!

The Langham Preaching Team