Dear Friends

Thank you for your prayerful support for the work of Langham Preaching around the world. This week Frank Shayi, our Regional Coordinator for Southern Africa, shares some thoughts that lead us into a focus for prayer in the week ahead.

Covid was first described by experts as a virus that does not infect children and younger people. Be it unknown or hidden, and now in its second year, Covid is infecting children as young as ten years of age. The vaccine was introduced for adults, but now we are being told that even students must be vaccinated. While vaccination will not be mandatory, the policy is slowly being enforced — and access to other services is becoming dependent on following this policy. The Covid ‘goal posts’ keep shifting.

Two phrases in Psalm 121 keep my focus on God. “The Lord watches over you” and “The sun will not harm you by day, nor the moon by night”. What the Psalmist was inspired to write back then has not changed for us today. The widely known ‘harms’ of the sun, as well as the hidden unknowns in the ‘harms’ of the moon continue to be contained by God. His children are promised to be protected now and forever. Whereas the different variants of Covid continue to ‘shift the goal posts’, nothing known, or unknown, will make God change His mind. In Him I trust. He promised never to leave us, or forsake us.

Please pray for the church in South Africa

With the rate of Covid infections decreasing and with fewer deaths, we are in Alert Level 2. While churches are allowed 250 people indoors and 500 people outdoors, attendance is low. Holding church on-line has crippled the participation of church in-person, with many young people staying away. Pray that the new normal of virtual seminars will not become the normal for Langham Preaching, whenever in-person seminars are allowed again. Personal interactions are important in training and fellowship enhances mutual learning, as expressed in Hebrews 10:25 — “… and let us not give up meeting together…”.

Thank God with us for the completed, virtual Level Three seminar and for the Training of Local Facilitators seminar that has commenced for clergy in Pretoria, with participants also from Limpopo. Keep Russel Abrahams, the preaching movement coordinator, in your prayers as he facilitates the training.

Pray also for the in-person Level One-Three training being planned for Lesotho, starting on Saturday.

Join with us in thanksgiving

It is encouraging to see in-person training gaining momentum once again. We are thankful for the Level One and Two seminar held recently in Quetta, in Pakistan. The team had attempted to travel there on previous occasions, but were forced to postpone the training, due to the concerns with security. With all that has been happening in Afghanistan, and with the location of Quetta close to the border, this is a significant development for this preaching movement. Other seminars and events are planned for this week

Chile: On Monday, the coordinating team is holding a training seminar for coordinators of preaching clubs, as they prepare them to deliver a virtual Level One seminar.

East Timor: The Level One training continues on Friday on Zoom, with 30 participants and with Njoo Mee Fang, Doni Siswanto and Jonathan Gunthorpe as the facilitators. Pray for a strong commitment from the participants, for effective interaction from the facilitators, and for a good internet connection, with many of the participants living in rural areas.

Bolivia: On Tuesday, a weekly Level One seminar continues in an escuelita in the Genesis church in Cochabamba, with Esteban Améstegui as the facilitator and five lay preachers as participants. As Esteban writes, “This is the first workshop with the Genesis church. If this experience goes well, we hope to have the rest of the leaders involved and continue on through the three Levels. Pray that we grow as Christians, leaders and preachers”.

Thank you for your faithfulness in prayer!

The Langham Preaching Team