Dear Friends

Thank you for your prayerful support of the work of Langham Preaching around the world. There is so much for which to be thankful as God does his work among us. Here is one example from Esteban Améstegui, assisting with administration and media in both our Latin American and Global leadership teams.

Good books are great resources for understanding the Bible better and what it means to follow Jesus as his disciples. In Bolivia, as in many countries in Latin America, it is hard to find good Christian literature. I'm grateful that there have been at least 15 Langham Literature books translated into Spanish in the last few years and distributed across our continent. But we don't only translate books from other continents. Recently, the book "Preaching and Reality" by Wilfredo Weigandt (our Regional Coordinator, Southern Cone) won the Best Latin American Book of 2022 award, given by LETRA VIVA. We celebrate and thank God that, little by little, we are producing and translating better resources that will help us grow as disciples and preachers.

Please pray for the work in various places around the world

Croatia: There continues to be this partnership between Langham Preaching and the Evangelical Theological Seminary, in Osijek. In the recent semester, 3rd year students have progressed through all three Levels of the training, mixing in-person and on-line learning (using Moodle). On Monday and Tuesday these students have their final in-person session during which time they will preach their sermons, with their course facilitator, Slavko Hadžić, present to interact with them.

India: From Sunday to Wednesday, a Level Two seminar will be held in Kohima (Nagaland) with Dwi Handayani, Benjamin Stephen, Kedo Peseyie, Alongla Aier and Johnson Raih as facilitators. About 40 participants are expected and we are asked to pray for the safe travel of the facilitators and for the core Nagaland team as they arrange the logistics for the training.

West Asia: Those of you who journeyed with us through 2022 will remember FEBE, the Fellowship of Eurasian Biblical Expositors (FEBE). This is a partnership between IFES and Langham Preaching. The first training session in 2023 runs from Thursday until Sunday, and then in each month until May. In between these sessions, ‘FEBE groups’, or preaching clubs, will meet locally. Give thanks for the online training of FEBE Group Coordinators earlier in January and now for these 20 participants from Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan gathering in-person this week. [NB: In February, those in Georgia and Azerbaijan will gather in-person, and then the training goes online for all participants]. Pray for wisdom for the facilitator-team: Paula Viles, Paul Guttridge, Jenny Brown and Kanat K. Pray also that participants will be able to travel to the venues safely and without delays. Some of them are traveling through a third country as direct travel is not available to them.

South Asia: Saturday is a big day for a country in this region—the day for which we have been waiting and praying for many years! About 40 leaders are gathering for an initial conversation around commencing a preaching movement, with Langham Preaching represented by Chris Wright, Benji Stephen and Dwi Maria Handayani. Will this prove to be the right time? Please pray for wisdom, unity and for safety amidst security concerns.

Switzerland: Also on Saturday, the next seminar takes place in Neuchâtel with David Valdez as the facilitator. About 25 people are expected for a Level One seminar, with a number of them being introduced to expository preaching for the first time. Pray that this seminar will lead to new initiatives in other parts of the country.

Gabon: Wasn’t it exciting to start the new year with a new preaching movement? Thanks for your prayers. Give thanks to God for productive meetings in Libreville — and please keep the leaders of this new preaching movement in your prayers: Nesmy Bersot Mveguema (preaching movement coordinator), Tona Khonde (ushirika/preaching club coordinator), and Pastor Gaspar (chair of the local committee).

Thank you for your faithfulness in prayer!

The Langham Preaching Team