Dear Friends

Thank you for your prayerful support for the work of Preaching around the world. Here are the items for prayer in the week ahead.

DR Congo: A Level 3 seminar for 17 participants from Djugu, Beni and Bunia will be facilitated by Bishop Isesomo, Gordon Molyneux and Nzua Orionzi (coordinator). Please pray for security and peace as the rebels are active in Djugu territory and pray that Gordon will be protected from the side effects of the Ebola vaccine he received. As Nzua writes, ‘We are grateful to Langham for financial assistance for this wonderful ministry and ask that you pray that each participant will be able to contribute to his/her own travel expenses.’

Kenya: Ignatius Maimbu, Margaret Thuo, Jonathan Lamb and Mercy Ireri (coordinator) facilitate a Level 1 seminar in Nairobi for 50 participants. This is a new partnership with the Fellowship of Believers Church. Pray that the partnership will be strengthened and that ‘the church will benefit as these trained preachers preach biblical sermons.’

Haiti: Seminar Levels 1 & 3 take place in Limbe, Haiti, facilitated by Mike McGowan and David Valdez. Seventy-five participants are expected from all areas of Haiti. Guenson Charlot (coordinator) requests that we pray especially for the participants from Port au Prince whose seminar had to be cancelled this past week. Pray also for ‘safe travel for the participants and peace in the country.’

Indonesia: It is a big week, with three separate Level 1 seminars: (a) Nenny Ruswanto, Franklin Purba, Hadi S and Sunarto facilitate a seminar at SAPPI Seminary in West Java with 20 seminary students; (b) West Sulawesi is where Hamdani, I.Y. Panggalo, Makmur Tore and Demianus will be facilitating a seminar for 35 participants from churches in the Mamasa area; and (c) Thirty lay preachers are expected to attend the Level 1 seminar in Tangerang, Banten Province, facilitated by Ayub Wahyono. Pray that the Holy Spirit will help each participant in each of these seminars to ‘follow up in preaching clubs and apply what they learn in their ministries.’

Liberia: The Evangelical Free Church of Monrovia will be the venue for a Training for Local Facilitators, a refresher for Preaching Club coordinators, and a leadership team meeting on Friday, August 11. Matthew Gonkerwon asks that we pray that the 18 expected participants will all be able to attend and have ‘great learning experiences as well as encouragement.’

Senegal: A group of ten people gather in Thies, 80km from Dakar, for a Level 1 seminar with Isaac Tine, William Kalamo, and Alainde Diatta (coordinator) as the facilitators. Pray that the training creates visible transformation in the lives of the participants and their ministries. Please pray also for the nine local facilitators who were trained in May, as they are making plans to hold multiple Level 1 seminars in the coming year and to fund these events locally.