Dear Friends

Thank you for your prayerful support for the work of Langham Preaching around the world. This week we feature Sierra Leone’s struggle with the COVID-19 pandemic, together with the discussions around the possibility of a new preaching movement – and, finally, some ‘face-to-face’ training starting up again.

Sierra Leone: Our preaching movement coordinator, Chris Jonah, provides us with this update from Freetown:

“On the day when our country recorded its first case of COVID-19, we had three ventilators in a country of seven million people. Now, all these weeks later, we have just eleven ventilators. We need God’s help because if the coronavirus spreads into the wider community, as Ebola did, it will be a complete disaster. We have had two short periods of lock-down. A longer one has not been considered, simply because over 75 percent of our population live on what they can hustle from day to day.

Our Langham Preaching group in Freetown continues to meet using WhatsApp and we are encouraging other groups to do the same. One brother recently told us that he had read three books because he had more time to do so. We then had a good discussion, as we answered some of his questions. Our prayer is that this crisis will bring us closer to God, by knowing his word and serving him in a relevant way.

I wait on the Lord, my soul waits on the Lord, I will hope in his word” (Psalm 130.5). In this song there is the cry for mercy (v1-2) as well as the hope of forgiveness (v3-4). The waiting and the hoping is only possible because of God’s steadfast love (v7), together with the assurance that he will certainly save (v8). These pilgrims sang about their sins and their hope in God’s forgiveness, which is what the cross of Christ represents. There is no better encouragement for us during this crisis than to know that our sins are forgiven. We pray that Christ will make himself known to us and through us and that the mercy and compassion of Christ may be reflected in our service of others during this crisis.”

Canada: Within a few hours of this prayershot being sent out, a meeting on Zoom will take place which will explore the possibility of a new preaching movement commencing among Canada’s indigenous peoples. Jennifer Cuthbertson, Femi Adeleye, Ruth Slater and Paul Windsor will join with Steven Van Dyck (Executive Director, Langham Partnership Canada) and six Canadian Christian leaders at work among these peoples. Please pray that the listening to each other and the sensitivity to the Spirit’s leading will be clear and prove decisive in the outcomes that are reached.

Bosnia & Herzegovina: A Level Three seminar at the Evangelical Bible Institute (Mostar) is planned for this coming weekend. Thirteen participants are expected, including some from Montenegro and Croatia, with Slavko Hadžić as the facilitator. The group has had two Zoom seminars during the lockdown already and are now looking forward to being together. Slavko asks us to pray that ‘that the borders will remain open and that students will adopt the teaching they receive from the seminar.’

Thanks for your prayers!

The Langham Preaching Team