Dear Friends

Thank you for your prayerful support of the work of Langham Preaching around the world. There is so much for which to be thankful as God does his work among us. Here is one example from Victor Obeng, our new regional coordinator in West Africa.

Thanks be to God. Last week Roland Tamini and I facilitated a Vision Bearers’ Consultation (VBC) in Guinea Conakry, West Africa. This is the event that marks the birth, and also sometimes the renewal, of a preaching movement in Africa. Key leaders within the context — including Daniel Tolno (a Langham Scholar), Jean Guilavogui (IFES Gen Sec) and Pascal Yakpazuo Kolie (Calvary Ministries) — gathered 21 church leaders for the consultation. So much did they embrace the Langham Preaching ethos and commitment to ushirikas (preaching clubs) that they wanted us to stay on for a few weeks to accelerate the process. Praise God for this small beginning and we are trusting him for similar beginnings in the other two Guineas in West Africa: Guinea-Bissau and Equatorial Guinea.

Please pray for the work in various places around the world

Slovenia: Let’s also thank God for the way the work is developing here. The training has progressed through the three Levels and now there is a renewed focus on preaching clubs, with them being launched in December. Keep praying that preaching movements will commence in other countries in the region.

DR Congo: A Level Two seminar is planned for Bandundu this week, with 44 participants from a variety of denominations—and with Nzua Orionzi and Gertrude Mbongo as the facilitators. The journey is very long for them, by air and then by road, and so please pray that there is no disruption in their travels.

South Sudan: Throughout this week a Vision Bearers’ Consultation (with 30 leaders) is happening at the same time as a combined Level Two & Three seminar (with 50 participants). Pray that God will use these events to extend and deepen the work.

Croatia: A group of five 3rd year students at the Evangelical Theological Seminary are working their way through all three Levels of the training in this semester. They are using a hybrid model, with three in-person weeks combined with weekly meetings on Moodle. This week is their second in-person week together. Please pray for the students and for Slavko Hadžić as he facilitates this seminar.

Latin America: From Monday until Friday, the Latin American Leadership Team — Jorge Atiencia, Dionisio Orjuela, Alex Chiang, Wilfredo Weigandt and Igor Améstegui (Director)—meets in Lima, Peru. As Igor writes, ‘May the Lord Jesus guide us in evaluating the lessons learned during the pandemic and also as we plan upcoming events, especially the gathering of all the leaders of our preaching movements in April 2023 — and may it also be a time for mutual pastoral care.

Asia & South Pacific: The facilitators of our training are foundational to this ministry. Not only do they need to be trained, we need to multiply the people who can offer this training, if this work is to grow and spread. This is a big week for this continent, with a Facilitators’ Workshop running from Thursday until Monday in Muscat, Oman. Pray for Jennifer Cuthbertson and the team assisting her with the training — including Roland Tamini (Burkina Faso) and Esteban Améstegui (Bolivia). Pray that as these participants are trained to equip others, they will make it a priority in their ministries when they return home: Kanat K. and Paul G. (the two K’stans); Nadeem Masih and Samson Sohail (Pakistan); Veena Bunyan, Alongla Aier, Kedo Peseyie and Benjamin Stephen (India); Doni Siswanto, Dwi Maria Handayani and Hendra Prasaja (Indonesia); Yanjaa Enkhtaivan (Mongolia); Abby Galzote (Philippines), — with Desmond Rogers (regional coordinator, Caribbean) also hoping to participate.

Thank you for your faithfulness in prayer!

The Langham Preaching Team