Dear Friends

Thank you for your prayerful support for the work of Langham Preaching around the world. This week Jennifer Cuthbertson, our Coordinator for Facilitator Development, shares some thoughts leading to a focus for prayer in the week ahead.

Weeping may linger for the night, but joy comes with the morning. Psalm 30:5b

The first-person narrative of Psalm 30 is interrupted in verses 4-5 with an exhortation to the community of the faithful to give thanks and praise to the Lord. Why? The answer comes to us in contrasting pairs of words, words that describe the reality of each of our lives — distress and kindness, sadness and joy, darkness and light, the expansion and contraction of time. It seems that during the past 16 months, the reality of death and birth, illness and health, want and abundance, mourning and dancing, tragedy and triumph has been magnified literally and figuratively by the intrusion of the pandemic into our lives. Not one of us is left untouched. So, as the psalmist urges, let us his faithful ones join together and magnify the Lord. Joy comes with the morning wherever and whenever that morning is to be!

Please pray for the work our facilitators around the world

Our local facilitators have stepped out of their comfort zones into the new world of virtual teaching this past year. They’ve worked to master computer skills, platforms and design elements that allow them to meet with their preaching groups and effectively lead seminars. Many others have only had intermittent internet and phone access if any at all. Pray for their continued efforts to remain connected to their people both virtually and in-person during this difficult time. We are so grateful for them and for God’s gracious hand on each one.

Give thanks with us

Being a leader is not always easy. Leading an international programme during a pandemic is even more of a challenge. We are thankful for the leadership, support and friendship of our Programme Director Paul Windsor as we have navigated and continue to navigate these uncharted waters together.

Please pray for the work in other places around the world

Thailand: The sixth of seven sessions of a Level B seminar happens via Zoom this week. Sim Churnai, Johnny McClean and Wiriya Tipvorakankul stepped out in faith to facilitate an Old Testament seminar for the first time as well as it being their first virtual seminar! They are grateful for the 32 committed participants and ask us to pray for all their local facilitators leading sessions and also for all participants who will be active in establishing a movement of online preaching clubs after the seminar. ‘May God grant us wisdom and guide us to equip these younger preachers to love and be faithful to His Word.’

All Africa: Each year, the last Sunday in June is set apart by Langham Preaching Africa for sharing the vision of Uncle John Stott with friends and church leaders across the continent. This year, 500 people will focus on and celebrate Partnership with Church Leaders by listening to testimonies from Langham Scholars, preachers and writers, hear about the challenges facing the church in the African context and encourage one another in the Lord. Please pray for stable internet connections and for everyone participating Sunday, June 27.

Togo: After 10 years lying fallow and the sudden interruption of Covid-19, the Vision Bearers Consultation of two years ago is bearing new fruit for their preaching movement in the form of a Level One seminar this week in Lomé! Emeka Egbo, Roland Tamini and Armand Dzadu will facilitate for 45 members from seven preaching clubs. ‘Pray for an effective time of learning together. And also pray for this new core of pastors to build a strong new foundation for the movement, making it sustainable through real local ownership.’

Colombia: Luis Miguel Huertas and Edgar Neira facilitate a Level Two seminar this week in Bogota with the coordinators and members of three escuelitas participating. Luis Miguel says, ‘Thank you for praying for each participant who has been steadfast and persevering during their first year (2020) of Langham Preaching. Pray that they remain dependent on the Lord in prayer and love and to be faithful to the text and relevant to the context.’

The Latin American Leadership Team will host a virtual Escuelita Coordinators Gathering 26 June. Facilitators, Igor Améstegui, Jorge Atiencia, Alex Chiang, Wilfredo Weigandt, and Esteban Améstegui, expect 200 participants from 14 countries. Dionisio Orjuela says they hope for a special time of continental fellowship and that the facilitators will be inspired to creatively apply the new tools they receive in their escuelitas.

Thank you for your faithfulness in prayer!

The Langham Preaching Team