Dear Friends

Thank you for your prayerful support for the work of Langham Preaching around the world.

Colombia: We are grateful for this update from Dionisio Orjuela, our regional coordinator for Central America, who is based in Colombia:

“After 100 days of quarantine, our nation appears to be experiencing widespread fatigue. This is causing an increase in family violence, anxiety, depression as well as a growing wave of social indiscipline. All this is reflected in the daily growth of the number of those infected with coronavirus, now approaching 100,000 as of 29/06/20, with deaths exceeding 3200.

In the midst of this dark panorama, our prayer is that we, as preachers of the Word of God, will discern ‘the signs of the times’ about which Jesus spoke and that we will respond faithfully to them. In addition to this, we ask for the wisdom, the skill and the resources to continue with our preaching clubs as we develop the training at the different levels in a virtual way.

God speaks and we are his favorite audience. Everything He has to say to everybody, everywhere, and at all times, is conveyed in the gift of His Son to us. He is someone with whom we can dialogue in a conversation that will never end. In this conversation two pieces of news will captivate us, always: truth and grace. The meaning and fullness of life, when its very existence is at risk, is something about which we talk together and He listens, lifts up, heals and walks with us all the journey home. We are not alone.”

Langham Preaching Resources: Give thanks for the publication of two new books in recent months: Yohanna Katanacho’s Reading the Gospel of John through Palestinian Eyes and Geoff New’s Echoes … The Lord’s Prayer in the Preacher’s Life. They can be purchased through the website. Please pray that they will find their way to our preaching movements and that they will bring inspiration, hope and transformation into the lives of many preachers.

Canada: The recent Zoom to discuss the possibility of commencing a preaching movement among indigenous Canadians went well. Leaders from within this Canadian context met with Langham Preaching leaders for more than four hours. It was a valuable time of listening and learning. Thank you for your prayers. These things take time, but seeds have been sown and the commitment to keep talking is very evident. Pray that God’s gracious hand will remain on these conversations.

Thanks for your prayers!

The Langham Preaching Team