Dear Friends

Thank you for your prayerful support of the work of Langham Preaching around the world. There is so much for which to be thankful as God does his work among us and through us. Here is one example from Esteban Améstegui, a member of the team in Latin America who have an exciting few days of ahead of them.

This coming week is a realization of a dream that we’ve held in our hearts for many years. We are grateful to God for the opportunity to bring together all our key leaders of the work in Latin America as well some leaders from the Hispanic Diaspora—all in the same place, at the same time! We celebrate the loyal dedication of these people in the work of this ministry, which promotes faithful, relevant and clear preaching by preachers with strong convictions and Christlike character. In the same way, we celebrate God's provision and guidance in helping this significant event to take place. We trust that this time of mutual collaboration between preaching movements will have a multiplying effect in our contexts, strengthening and deepening our impact and allowing us to reach more people.

Please pray for the work in various places around the world

Latin America: From Friday until Monday, all the key leaders from the preaching movements across this continent are gathering in Lima, Peru. This is the first time it has ever happened! It follows a similar event for Africa in Addis Ababa last October. They are expecting 84 people—from Central America, the Andean Region and the Southern Cone. Please pray for the Leadership Team—Jorge Atiencia, Dionisio Orjuela, Alex Chiang, Wilfredo Weigandt, Igor Améstegui and Esteban Améstegui—as they facilitate this Consultation, with Ruth Slater and Paul Windsor also participating. We are asked to pray for the team and as they seek ‘to create an environment for Christian friendship, helping participants to listen and support each other in order to be a powerful force in growing the ministry over the next 5-10 years.

Spain: Also at the end of this week, from Friday until Monday, there is a Level Three seminar in Tenerife with Esteban Rodemann as the facilitator. They are expecting 40-45 people from four different islands. Please pray that ‘God touches the hearts of pastors to see the importance of preaching—and that He helps them to persevere in what they learn.’

Romania: On Saturday there is a ‘refresher’ seminar in Targu-Jiu for 35 participants which is to be facilitated by Daniel Oprean. Let’s pray that they have ‘a stimulating time in the Scriptures, one that motivates a more serious engagement with the truths of the Bible.

Albania & Kosovo: From Sunday until Tuesday, Level One and Three seminars are planned in Dures with 50 participants from both Albania and Kosovo. Pray for the facilitators—Arben Bushgjokaj, Oliver Buljat, Slavko Hadžić—and for safe travel for participants, for an effective seminar and for the start of preaching clubs after the seminar.

Austria: The work here has completed two cycles of training—and so they have decided to have a celebration at Schloss Klaus. They are meeting next Sunday until the following Wednesday, with Femi Adeleye and Mark Meynell as the speakers. Pray especially for the different tracks focused on different aspects of the preaching ministry—and for more people to sign-up, even at the last minute.

Thank-you for your faithfulness in this ministry of prayer.

The Langham Preaching Team