Dear Friends

Thank you for your prayerful support for the work of Langham Preaching around the world. This week Jennifer Cuthbertson, our Coordinator for Facilitator Development, shares some thoughts leading to a focus for prayer in the week ahead.

Indeed, the body does not consist of one member but of many.… If one member suffers, all suffer together with it; if one member is honored, all rejoice together with it. Now you are the body of Christ and individually members of it. 1Cor. 12:14, 26-27.

During the past 18 months, the Covid-19 pandemic has circled the globe wreaking havoc on individual lives, families, nations and continents in turn. We’ve prayed for friends and family members — both our own and those of so many others of you — people we would not have known otherwise. We’ve grieved with those grieving loss of life and rejoiced together when loved ones have recovered from this devastating illness. Even as we are grateful when we receive respite from the encroachment of the disease, we suffer with others of you. We are all members of the same body therefore how can we not? This pandemic has changed our world and it is also changing us.

Please pray for…

  • Those in our Langham family who are caring for family members with Covid

  • Those who are meeting the challenges of their own recovery or that of family members

  • Those who are experiencing the effects of Long-Covid and its uncertainties

Please give thanks with us…

  • Facilitating our Langham Connect team during the past nine months has been a great delight. In spite of the restraints of the pandemic, poor connectivity, distance and time zones, they have persevered. Each continental team is now creating a pilot project to test on their continent and then to be shared with other movements there and beyond. Without exception, we have each grown and learned and created connections with these Langham family members around the world.

Please pray our other work around the world…

Central America: Dionisio Orjuela (Regional Coordinator) asks that we pray the August 16 time of prayer, fellowship and planning for the National Coordinators ‘may be an opportunity for encouragement, renewing the vision and getting some practical tools for them to enrich their role.’

Malaysia: Eight leaders and staff from East Timor Campus Crusade for Christ will join Njoo Mee Fang (facilitator) on Zoom for an introduction to Langham Preaching August 16 and 23. Please pray for a commitment to learn in order to teach in this student ministry, for the flourishing of a preaching club for them and their internet connections.

Mexico: The second of four virtual Level One meetings takes place Saturday followed by escuelita meetings during the following week. Juan Luis Méndez, David Gallegos, Damaris Ameca and Karla Munguía will facilitate learning for about 100 participants with Alex Chiang, Jorge Atiencia and Dionisio Orjuela preaching model sermons. ‘Because it is a virtual event, we pray for excellent connectivity, biblical expositions that minister to the participants, workshops and escuelitas meetings where the tools for a healthy exegesis, an accurate contextualization and a clear communication are applied.’

India: The Langham family from different states and languages unite together for the first Langham India Day of Prayer Saturday 21 August. Praveen Bunyan (Regional Coordinator) appeals to us to pray with them that all who have participated in Level One seminars and now participate in preaching clubs would be strengthened in their practice, proclamation and passion for God’s Word. May our prayers be a source of strength, hope, mercy and comfort to those undergoing severe religious persecution across the nation and to the families of hundreds of thousands of Indians who have died from Covid-19 and those now suffering from the disease.

Chile: The Langham Chile National Team has its meeting Friday, August 20, to decide the activities to carry out during the second semester of 2021. Wilfredo Weigandt (Regional Coordinator) asks that we pray ‘for wisdom to choose what is suitable and possible for this moment in the country.’

Thank you for your faithfulness in prayer!

The Langham Preaching Team