Dear Friends

Thank you for your prayerful support for the work of Langham Preaching around the world. This week Dwi Handayani, our Director for Asia & South Pacific, asks us to pray for these matters from her area:

India: Join us in praising the Lord for his grace and timing with the completion of the crucial facilitator training in our Telugu-speaking, Northeast India and other language-based teams just before the pandemic hit the nation. Our teams are now prepared and confident and God’s work is progressing quietly and steadily! Please pray for Daniel Koti (coordinator, Kannada-language preaching movement) because he and his entire family have contracted COVID-19. Daniel’s elderly mother, a godly woman with an extensive influence, went to be with the Lord on the 26th July but, by God’s grace, the rest of the family is recovering at home. Remember the family in their grief and pray for a recovery to full health.

Asia West: Our regional coordinator, Kanat, was diagnosed with COVID-19. Praise God with us that a recent visit to the doctor revealed that the pneumonia is gone and there are no major complications. Please pray for a smooth recovery and that there will be an end to the fever and tiredness which he is experiencing.

Here are some other items for praise and prayer:

Trinidad & Tobago: On the 18th July, 140 participants from the Caribbean and from around the world engaged in an online seminar (hosted by the local team) entitled Trusting God's Truth in a Fake News World, with Joseph Caterson, Mark Meynell and Ramesh Richard as the speakers. Angela Shirley, the preaching movement coordinator, writes to express her thanks to God that the seminar was a resounding success [here is the link:].

Guyana: The local team hosts a webinar on the 8th August with Las Newman (Jamaica) presenting on the topic, Preaching in an Age of Digital Disruption. Shane Moses, the preaching movement coordinator, asks us to pray for those involved as they prepare in the midst of the pandemic and in an unsettled political climate. Pray also for good weather so that there is an uninterrupted internet connection.

Latin America: A virtual meeting with facilitators from across the continent is planned for the 1st August. They are expecting 50 participants. It is the first event to unite all the facilitators from across Central and South America. Igor Améstegui asks us to pray that ‘it will be a space where we receive the Word of God during this hard time that all of us are experiencing. Also, we see this as an opportunity to pray for each other and to explore the virtual tools we need to preach the book of Lamentations.’

Thanks for your prayers!

The Langham Preaching Team