Dear Friends

Thank you for your prayerful support for the work of Langham Preaching around the world. This week we feature two more countries impacted greatly by COVID-19 in the places where we work, Ukraine and Bosnia & Herzegovina:

Ukraine: Our preaching movement coordinator, Sergiy Tymchenko, provides this update for us:

“The COVID-19 epidemic reached Ukraine while it was in a poor economic condition. Our low domestic savings and our limited fiscal growth constrained the ability of our households and our authorities to absorb the shocks to the economy coming from outside. Although we have lower infection rates when compared with other countries, the statistics show that there are many new cases being confirmed each day. Many of our people show a spontaneous disregard for quarantine measures, which creates major challenges for the efforts to contain the epidemic, in the absence of wide-scale testing and proper epidemiological surveillance.

Praise God for the joy of seeing a new generation of Christian men and women who are eager to learn how to preach. Many are preaching their first sermons online and seeing other believers uplifted by these sermons. At the same time, we continue to pray for more theological training for those who want to preach. Our hope is in the God of justice and love. This God loves truth and he is truly loving.”

Bosnia & Herzegovina: Our regional coordinator for Southern Europe, Slavko Hadžić, writes this update for us from his home in Sarajevo:

“While COVID-19 hasn’t hit Bosnia & Herzegovina as hard as some other countries (by 31st May, 2400 cases and 150 deaths), the strict measures taken against the virus has impacted our fragile economy. More than 30,000 people have lost their jobs and many companies have closed. The health system is struggling because doctors and hospitals are focused on the fight against COVID-19, leaving many other patients with inadequate medical help. All public gatherings were forbidden for three months. Church buildings were closed. Preaching clubs could not meet. We have appreciated the benefits of the internet and moved many activities online, but it is not same as when you meet face to face.

During these difficult times with such a long time in isolation, many concerns have emerged: some of our people are struggling financially; some are sick, or have sick family members; some are struggling with depression; others are struggling with their faith. Please pray that God will restore our people in all areas of their lives: physically, emotionally and spiritually. Pray that the truths of the Gospel will shine in their minds and hearts and that they will feel God's closeness to them.

God is a loving father who takes care of us always, even in times of fighting against COVID-19. He works in all situations and He is turning these difficult times to become times of blessing. Never before have we seen such a large attendance of non-Christians in our church services as we are seeing now with our online services. Our online preachers training events are well attended and believers have more time to devote themselves to spiritual disciplines. May our loving heavenly father use this time for his glory and draw us even closer into his presence and embrace.”

Thanks for your prayers!

The Langham Preaching Team