Dear Friends

Thank you for your prayerful support for the work of Preaching around the world. Here are the items for prayer in the week ahead.

Colombia: This is a week of refreshment in the Psalms on the theme ‘Songs for the Colombian Reality,’ in Medellín. Jorge Atiencia, Paul Barker, and a selected group of local expositors and escuelita (preaching club) coordinators are facilitating for 300 pastors and leaders. Dionisio Orjuela (coordinator) asks us to pray ‘that this would be a time of learning, praying and celebration based on the Psalms.’

Benin: Forty people are attending a Level One seminar in Porto-Novo facilitated by Bonaventure Akowanou, Augustin Houngbeme (coordinator), Paulin Kpoviessi and members of the regional committee. Augustin asks that we pray for the facilitators and for the participants as they practice what is being taught.

Myanmar: Slai Yaw Han, Paul Naw Aung, Run Nuam Thang, Kaw San, Khawng Lum, Nyo Nyo Win and Sein Kyi (coordinator) are facilitating a Level One seminar with 35 participants and an advanced Training of Local Facilitators with 24 participants in Yangon. Sein Kyi requests we pray that all the facilitators have the wisdom and strength to meet this great challenge, especially those teaching this very first TLF in Myanmar.

Zimbabwe: The weekly Level One seminar series continues at the Theological College of Zimbabwe (TCZ), Bulawayo, with Jorum Mugari teaching. John Bell (coordinator) says, ‘Praise God for the faculty of TCZ who have seen the value of this pastoral tool to the theological students training for ministry in the churches of Bulawayo’.

Croatia: A Level Three seminar for 30 people from northern Croatia, facilitated by Slavko Hadžić (coordinator) and Oliver Buljat, takes place in Zagreb. Slavko asks that we pray ‘for safe travels, good teachings, good groupwork, and that new [preaching] clubs will be started.’

Liberia: Thirty participants are attending the second of four weekly sessions of a Level Two seminar in Jatondo Town, Montserrado county. Miçhael Clement, Jeremiah Zweh, Alfred Ballayan and Matthew Gonkerwon (coordinator) are facilitating. Pray that the participants from the first week are in attendance and that they will begin to understand how to preach well from the Old Testament.

Indonesia: The third of four monthly meetings of a Level One seminar for 235 lay preachers takes place in Gading Serpong township in Banten province with Ayub Wahyono and Hamdani Tedja (coordinator) facilitating. Hamdani asks that we pray ‘for the commitment of all participants as they come for the third time’ and that this training will help each participant see the importance of preaching the gospel faithfully, relevantly and with clarity.

Thanks for your prayers!

The Langham Preaching Team