Dear Friends

Thank you for your prayerful support for the work of Langham Preaching around the world. This week Praveen Bunyan — our Regional Coordinator for India, together with his wife, Veena — shares some thoughts that lead us into a focus for prayer in the week ahead.

When the world brings you news, each and every day, of someone else being infected by Covid-19, where do you look for help? Psalm 121 is so reassuring, as it expresses the song of pilgrims journeying toward Jersualem and looking to the mountains for help. Verses 1-2 speak in the first person, From where does my help come? It is not so much from the visible mountains, but rather from the invisible God, who created the mountains. It is this God who ‘keeps’ us and the psalmist offers this reassurance on six occasions. Verses 3-8 speak in the second person, The Lord watches over you. He will guard you night and day, and will not let any harm come to you, both in your coming and in your going. What reassurance!

Please pray for India…

India is crumbling visibly, day by day, because of the invisible Covid-19. Please pray for the many members of the Langham Preaching family who have been directly impacted by this virus. There are just too many to name. Pray for the families who are grieving: Binu’s father died, Binson’s father died, Rampert died — on and on it goes. And yet we thank God for the many who have recovered. All training seminars have been suspended, due to the heightened threat at this time. Pray that India would look beyond the visible mountains to the invisible and true God, who is always ready to watch over us.

From last week…

While we rejoice in the safe arrival of Jennifer & Martin Cuthbertson back home in Canada, the situation in Bolivia has worsened. Charo, the wife of Igor Améstegui (our director in Latin America), is critically ill with Covid-19 and struggling to receive adequate oxygen and care. Please keep the entire Améstegui family in your prayers during these exhausting and difficult days. Lord, have mercy.

In other places…

Thailand: A Level Three seminar commences remotely on Thursday, running over seven sessions through the month of June, on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. There are 28 participants, with Wiriya Tipvorakankul, Apichart Poonsakvorasarn, Sim Churnai, and Johnny McClean as the facilitators. Sim, the preaching movement coordinator, asks us to pray that the facilitators will be effective and that the participants will be committed. ‘If this online seminar goes well, we will consider having one two-three times a year.’

Indonesia: The final session of a Level One seminar, offered remotely to 20 people in the Papua/Maluku region, is on Wednesday. Pray that participants will be committed to the three-year learning process, as remote seminars online are mixed with local preaching clubs which becomes the setting for practicing what they have learned. In your prayers, remember Beatris Pangala as she coordinates the programme and Tri Santoso, Gordon Hutabarat, Hendra Prasaja, and Doni Dwi Siswanto as they collaborate with local facilitators to offer the training.

Thank you for your faithfulness in prayer!

The Langham Preaching Team