Dear Friends,

These are unprecedented weeks for the peoples of the world. Last week the Director-General of the WHO informed us that COVID-19 is “accelerating”. In this Thursday prayershot, Wilfredo Weigandt, our regional coordinator in the ‘southern cone’ of Latin America, offers us four prayers, translated from Spanish.

“Forgive my daring if it is not appropriate, Lord of History.
But I would like to see you more clearly in this crisis.
Could it be? I almost want you to appear on TV,
telling the world and telling us what to do.
Could you reveal yourself to humanity?
Could you appear to us, your church?

If you are already in this world, and inside of us,
and it is me who doesn't see you,
could you open my eyes?
My faith, or lack of faith, needs to see you
in this pandemic, Lord of History!

And I want to ask you something else, Lord of History.
If you are going to allow us the grace
to find a vaccine for COVID-19,
could you make it emerge from scientists
in neglected countries?
Don't give it to the mighty people, Lord.
Please, I ask you!
Please give it to my hungry Latin America,
to forgotten Africa, to vulnerable Asia.
Please give it to the nations that will share it
with the joy and generosity that your Kingdom unleashes!

As you already did, reincarnate yourself
among the marginalized, among the poor,
among the simple ones who yearn
for a more humane world, among those who are neglected.
May your salvation come again for the despised of the world!
I need to see your justice in this pandemic, Lord of History!

Again, the economy threatens
to make us a bleak country.
I know, I know it well:
it is we who choose rulers and destinies.
It is not appropriate that we ask now.
What happened, dear God?

Just because your mercy is new every day
and it allows me this fruitful dialogue,
I ask you for a way out of our debt and its martyrdom of my people.
I ask you for the miracle of good opportunity
that will not make my defenceless people suffer;
that will not increase the number of deaths to the pandemic.
Something that would make us, as Argentine people,
see and honor you as the Lord worthy of praise.

Lord of History,
Please, as you did before, open a path for us!

Is it too much to ask you, Lord of History,
to hold and bless the bakers, the brave nurses,
and the mothers who relieve the pain?
Would it be too much to ask you, Lord of History,
To use us, your church, to take care of your street vendors,
your unemployed, and your masonry laborers, day by day?

Would it be too much to ask you, Lord of History,
to multiply savings and smiles
in generous businesswomen
and leave the greedy empty-handed?
Who but you, Lord of History,
father and mother of widows and little girls!
Who but you, Lord of History,
even in the dark pandemic, noon light!”