Dear Friends

Thank you for your prayerful support for the work of Preaching around the world. This week Phil Nicholson, our Regional Coordinator for East Asia, leads us in our prayer needs for the week ahead.

Return to your fortress, you prisoners of hope; even now I announce that I will restore twice as much to you. Zechariah 9:12

God’s people have returned from exile but are living with disappointment. So, God repeats his promises and speaks of another return. This includes the freedom for prisoners who are described as ‘prisoners of hope’.

Today some of God’s people are literal prisoners, locked up, enslaved. Others are prisoners of sin and weakness. Many feel imprisoned by circumstances, restricted in our movements, our activities, our plans.

Prison means frustration, pain, hopelessness. But God’s people are ‘prisoners of hope’. We wait in hope. We wait for the day of freedom. The day when we can return home. The day when we will be restored double for all we have lost. Because our God is faithful to his word, even though we may be prisoners, we are always ‘prisoners of hope’.

Give thanks and pray for our East Asia preaching movements…

Myanmar has faced great trauma and conflict these past months. Along with the pandemic, this has led to all Langham events ceasing. Previously, under the leadership of Sein Kyi and Ruby, the work, welcomed by pastors and lay leaders, expanded rapidly across the country with a local team training in multiple languages. Please pray that believers will respond to the violence and injustice with grace and righteousness, that in the face of great trauma, the healing power of God’s word will be experienced by many, and that the Lord will protect our brothers and sisters, and in his time allow the ministry to continue to spread and grow in depth and quality.

Pray also for the many other events continuing remotely across East Asia: a) Philippines: Level Three seminar over four Saturdays in June, b) Indonesia: 15 preaching clubs are meeting virtually and a number of seminars are planned, c) Timor-Leste and Malaysia: Indonesian colleagues are supporting this new work. The greatest challenge for many of our people is limited technology and poor connectivity.

Please pray for the work in other places…

India: Praveen and Veena Bunyan (coordinators), are facilitating Level One seminars for two groups with a total of 54 participants on Thursdays and Saturdays in Hyderabad and Salem. They ask that we pray for God's protection as Covid-19 cases are rising at an alarming rate and new lockdowns are causing job loss and despair. Pray that the participants let go of unhealthy preaching habits and embrace healthy new practices through participation in preaching clubs.

Malawi: Thirty participants are expected for a Level One in Lilongwe. They will have 4 local facilitators (trained to teach level one) who will teach in Chichewa. Pray for the growth of facilitators and participants as they meet and learn together.

Nigeria: a) Ninety pastors and church leaders are expected to participate in Level One, Two and Three seminars at the Cathedral Church of St. Peter in Jos this week. The facilitators are: Bishop Zhumbes Jwan, Emeka Egbo, Gaya Hankuri, Ishaya Baba, Gideon Para Mallam, Mrs Milcher Pwajok, Mrs Rejoice Jibro and Mrs Janet Ogbo. b) One hundred sixty-five students are expected for Level One, Two and Three seminars at the Theological College of Northern Nigeria, Jos, this week. The facilitators are Bishop Zhumbes Jwan, Emeka Egbo, Gaya Hankuri, Gideon Para Mallam, Pandang Yamsat, Sunday Agang, Pam Bot, Daniel Ogundayo, Joel Gaiya, Godwin Tirsin and Barnabas Dagah. Ishaya Baba (coordinator) writes: Security is becoming a costly commodity in Nigeria and before COVID lockdowns it began to affect our trainings. There are certain parts of the country we cannot go because of insecurity. Please pray that these seminars will be free of crises of any kind. Pray the facilitators can travel from other locations without encountering bandits or kidnappers on the way. May it be to the glory of God!

Uganda: Barbara Tumwine and Paul Majoli lead a Vision-Bearer’s Consultation (pre-level one) this week for 15 people from Kitgum. Pray that the pastors will embrace the vision and mission of Langham Preaching and start Preaching clubs to enable the pastors to grow in their bible teaching and preaching abilities.

Europe & Caribbean: A Virtual Seminar: Navigating Uncharted Waters post-COVID happens Saturday. This unique transatlantic 3-hour event features plenary speakers Kelvin Mapp (Trinidad & Tobago) and Paul Windsor (Preaching Programme Director) and a host of others from across the region. Mark Meynell asks that we pray for participants to register from all 25 countries involved, for the speakers and for Esteban Amestegui as he manages the technology. Above all, pray for renewed vigour and restored momentum for the region’s Preaching Movements.

Bolivia: A remote refresher for Level Two will be held April 17 in Santa Cruz. Daniel Salinas will facilitate for 70 participants. Pray this event will reinforce the Preaching Movement growing in Santa Cruz and help the participants preach the Epistles more faithfully, relevantly and clearly.

Guatemala: A remote introductory workshop for preaching clubs will begin in Guatemala during April with 35 participants. The organisers are the national committee and preaching club coordinators. Nelson Morales (coordinator) asks for prayer that the ‘workshop inspire them to commit to learning and practicing expository preaching’.

Colombia: Martha Rincón, Jianny Palacio, Samuel Sánchez, Eliseo Coronado, Mercedes Quintero and Carlos Jaramillo facilitate a virtual Level Three seminar with 50 participants this week. Please pray for spiritual protection for all participants and for the virtual, spiritual, time and economic resources.

The Women’s Forum Advisory Group meets virtually this week. Thank God for a wonderful team of sisters who set aside time to pray, think and discuss how Langham Preaching can continue to resource and encourage women to proclaim God's word. The members are: Regina John (Pakistan), Annett Brown (Jamaica), Jelena Milicevic (Bosnia & Herzegovina), Anahi Maiten Alberti (Argentina), Dorcas Ini Dah (Burkina Faso) and Sharon Mac Wilmshurst (coordinator, Ireland). Pray for God to give them insight and wisdom as they develop vision and mission statements.

Egypt: Maggy Samir (coordinator) says, ‘We thank the Lord for His blessings during our recent Level Two seminar: the teaching, workshops and student interaction, morning worship and afternoon sermons, setup and logistics. It was a blessing for the 27 students, 2 coordinators and our pastors’.

Thank you for your faithfulness in prayer!

The Langham Preaching team