Dear Friends

Thank you for your prayerful support for the work of Preaching around the world. This week, Wilfredo Weigandt (Argentina), who is on the Langham Connect team and is the regional coordinator for the Southern Cone, offers these words as a way of leading us into prayer this week.

I understand Christian spirituality to be the experience of God in my daily life, an experience centred on Christ, energized by the Holy Spirit, united with the Father. As the psalmist said, "I will walk before the Lord in the land of the living," (Psalm 116:9).

Our Christian spirituality nourishes our life of faith and preaching and is made visible in both. In our biblical exposition, the experience of God is undeniable: on the one hand, we inhale God! On the other hand, we exhale God! This God who appears in our sermons, the Christ that we present, the Spirit we allude to, is the fruit of the personal and community construction formed in the presence of the triune God. We preach what is in the biblical text and what we have seen, heard, and experienced of his presence in the passage.

The image of God that our preaching proposes can faithfully reflect his true being or be a flawed representation. If our spirituality properly connects us with the God of the Bible, we will hear the voice of this Living and True One. On the other hand, a deficient spirituality conceals the God of the Bible, and we hear distorted sounds. Our Langham preaching movements must safeguard what nourishes them. A spirituality centred on Christ, energized by the Holy Spirit, united with the God of the Bible is foremost.

In my Latin American context, the urgency to hear the voice of God in the sermons from our own people makes it essential for us to cultivate a spirituality open to the Lord, transparent and dialogical. We pray together for the people of our preaching movements to grow in intimacy with the triune God!

Let us give thanks

Last week, Mercy Ireri, our Regional Coordinator for East Africa, celebrated with the Preaching team in Tanzania. In 2018, Mercy and the team began translating seminar training materials into Kiswahili and last week saw these materials officially launched. Mercy writes, ‘it was a profound moment for all of us present when Canon Godson Madihi declared while he prayed “these materials I now launch to be used for the glory of Your name”’. We are so grateful for the team of local facilitators who diligently worked over many months to see this project come to fruition. By doing so they have made a valuable and significant contribution to the legacy of Langham Preaching in East Africa.

Please pray for the people and work in other places around the world

Bolivia: The second of five virtual sessions of a Level One seminar focused on preaching Philemon takes place this week. This event, organized by Langham Preaching and the Missionary Training Center, has 88 participants from all parts of Bolivia and two students from Peru and Brazil. Igor Améstegui (coordinator and facilitator) asks us to pray for a learning experience at which all 14 preaching clubs work well, and all the participants will finish the course.

Colombia: A virtual Level Two seminar focused on Preaching the Parables of Jesus takes place each evening this week with 150 participants from the Medellín area. The facilitators, Yiovanny Caballero, Martha Rincón, Mercedes Quintero (coordinator), Dionisio Orjuela request prayer for the connectivity, health of every participant, and learning environment welcoming to all.

Democratic Republic of Congo: This week, Mgr Isesomo and Canon Bwanamuzuri facilitate a Level One in-person seminar in Goma for 23 theology students from the Goma Anglican Institute of Theology and 27 clergy and evangelists from the Archdiocese. Martin Gordon (coordinator) asks that we pray this will ‘be the start of the Diocese of Goma catching a greater vision for preaching in the years to come.’ Pray also for their plans to train 100 more students and clergy in the diocese in all three seminar levels over the next three years.

Australia: Twenty lay-preachers from remote country and outback areas of Victoria and New South Wales are gathering this week for a Level One Seminar. These preachers are chiefly involved in agriculture and are vital to the ministry and fellowship of their churches. Please pray that this time would be a help and encouragement to the participants. Pray for facilitators Tim Anderson, Martin de Pyle, Cliff Letcher, Stephen Williams, Andrew Letcher (coordinator) and Gillean Smiley and for safety on the roads as they travel the great distances.

Big Country: Please pray for the continuing work in the difficult contexts of this expansive area of the world.

Thank you for your faithfulness in prayer!

The Langham Preaching team