Dear Friends

Thank you for your prayerful support for the work of Langham Preaching around the world. This week we feature the country of Peru and welcome news of training events that are happening online:

Peru: Our regional coordinator in the Andean area, Alex Chiang, provides this update for us:

"It could be worse." This phrase reflects the frustration of Peruvians as they occupy the 7th place in the rankings of countries with the highest number of reported COVID-19 cases. [NB: in the days since Alex wrote this piece, Peru has moved up to 5th on the list]. We are approaching the 100 days of mandatory quarantine that has destroyed our economy. However, in the middle of this night that never seems to end, we are offered some little stars of hope, like this headline: "Peruvian Scientists have developed a quick molecular text that detects COVID-19 in a short time.”

“Oh Lord, amid the voices that seek to explain the inexplicable through words like divine punishment, or signs of the end, enable us to be preachers in whose eyes you cry again with those who suffer; and in whose voices resound the lament of those who prefer to die of the virus than of hunger.” While, little by little, we are recovering hope, lament remains God's provision to us, helping us deal with suffering by turning it into prayer.

Thailand: On Thursday (and again on the 13th August) there will be some online training for preaching club coordinators. If it proves to be effective, the plan is to explore the possibilities of having the Level 2 & 3 seminars online as well. Sim Churnai, our preaching movement coordinator, expects 25-40 participants to be on the call. She asks us to pray that each person will have a good internet connection and that the exercise opens the way for a wider use of online options with learning.

Bolivia: Last Saturday, we started the Level 2 seminar with five escuelitas, or preaching clubs, in Santa Cruz. We had 25 enthusiastic participants in this online training, focusing on preaching from the New Testament letters. This week they have both an individual and a group task to complete. Igor Améstegui asks us to pray for ‘an effective learning experience with this new approach and for the ability to maintain the level of enthusiasm during this difficult time.’

Trinidad & Tobago: A webinar is planned for Saturday, 9am-12.30pm (Trinidad time). The topic is "Trusting God's Truth in a Fake News World' (with an emphasis on Isaiah 59) and the facilitators are Joseph Caterson, Mark Meynell and Ramesh Richard. It is pleasing to have received registrations from 135 participants, including people from Jamaica, Haiti, Guyana and distant Nigeria. The invitation is extended to any others who may wish to join the call (you can register at Angela Shirley, the preaching movement coordinator, asks us to pray that ‘all will go smoothly and that the facilitators will be enabled to teach in the power of the Holy Spirit and that all who participate will be blessed and uplifted.’

Thanks for your prayers!

The Langham Preaching Team