Dear Friends

Thank you for your prayerful support for the work of Preaching around the world. This week Ewald Ring (Austria), Langham Connect team member and coordinator for Western Europe, offers these words as a way of leading us into prayer this week.

I am not OK. Just as the pandemic in Europe seemed to loosen its grip on the continent, war broke out on February 24. A sense of shock, unbelief, and helplessness took hold of me as over 1.5 million Ukrainians fled their country during the last 10 days and many more are trapped in cities under siege. So, what do you do? I turned to the Psalms and Langham Scholar Federico Villanueva’s book It’s OK to be Not OK. The psalms give voice to our feelings, questions, and our cries in times like these. As an example, Psalm 44:24 reads, ‘Why do you hide your face? Why do you forget our affliction and oppression?’’ We are allowed to cry out to our God when disaster hits. It’s OK to be not OK and that is good news.

Please pray for the war in Ukraine to end. Pray for our brothers and sisters there as they hold on to hope in our Lord Jesus as well as holding out hope to others risking their lives to serve them. Pray for the churches and the Langham family in their neighbouring countries such as Poland, Moldova, Romania, and Hungary as they receive refugees. Pray for the Hungarian Langham movement who pledged together to house anyone connected to Langham Ukraine who needs shelter. Pray that we might use the internet well to encourage and support one another. Pray for those involved in Langham movements, in Ukraine and throughout Europe that we might speak the message of Gospel-hope into this darkness. Lord Jesus, build your church in the midst of this chaos. Thy will be done. Thy kingdom come.

Let’s remember to give thanks

Just over a week ago, Slavko Hadzic, our Regional Coordinator for Southern Europe, was able to meet face to face with Preaching Movement Coordinators from Slovenia, Montenegro, Serbia, and Croatia. After a significant time of separation due to COVID-19 restrictions it was wonderful for them to be together to plan and pray for the work of Langham Preaching in the region. We’re thankful for Srečko Krajnc, Vladimir Čizmanski, Miroslav Radiovanović, and Oliver Buljat as they lead the preaching movements in these countries.

Please pray for the work in other places around the world

Thailand: The third of seven virtual Level One seminar sessions takes place this week with Wiriya Tipvarakankoon, Apichart Poonsakvorasan and Johnny McClean facilitating. Sim Churnai (coordinator) asks that we pray for their 12 facilitators-in- training who work with the small groups during breakout sessions. They hope to have them as seminar facilitators in the coming year.

Vietnam: Thirty pastors and church leaders gather this week in Ha Lam in Quang Nam Province for a Level One seminar facilitated by Quoc Thai Luong (coordinator), Bui Minh Quang, Phuoc, Phil Nicholson and Johnny McClean. Their prayer requests are for protection from COVID-19 and protection from the local authorities.

Tanzania: Because we desire Langham Preaching resources to be available in peoples’ heart languages, we are excited that a final editing and launch of Kiswahili seminar materials will be celebrated this week in Morogoro. Pasis Maira, Heavenlight Luoga (coordinator) and Mercy Ireri have been leading this initiative and will be joined by 25 Langham leaders from all the zones in Tanzania for this happy event. We’re asked to pray for safety as they travel, an experience of unity among the participants and joy for the blessing these materials will be for all future seminars.

Sweden: A timely Refresher Day focusing on the Passion narratives in Luke’s gospel takes place later this week in Örkelljunga. Martin Helgesson (coordinator) and Daniel Ringdahl want us to pray that the 25 participants, all from the Evangelical Lutheran Church movement, ‘would be equipped to preach the message of Easter in a way that is faithful and compelling.

Sierra Leone: Sao Francis Kamanda, David N’dabai, Mohamed Paul Ngegba and Roxy Coomba facilitate a Level Two seminar for 30 participants at the end of this week in N’jala Town. Please pray for them as they grow in their understanding of Scripture, their preaching abilities and that they would join preaching clubs wholeheartedly.

Thank you for your faithfulness in prayer!

The Langham Preaching team