Dear Friends

Thank you for your prayerful support for the work of Langham Preaching around the world. Here are the items for prayer in the week ahead.

Vietnam: This first Training of Local Facilitators since the preaching movement began is also the first occasion participants from both northern and southern regions of Viet Nam have gathered to train together. We are asked to pray for good fellowship for all sixteen participants during this significant meeting and that each will gain a vision for training others in their various locations. Pray for God’s protection over them as very real security concerns exist.

Togo: A Preaching Club Leaders’ Seminar led by Femi Adeleye (director) and Roland Tamini (coordinator) is taking place at the SIL-Wycliffe Centre, Lomé. Forty key leaders from across the body of Christ in Togo were nominated to attend by the major ecclesial organizations of the country. Please pray ‘that this seminar is the beginning of a great revival of Langham Preaching in Togo, and that this vision engulfs the whole of the Togolese Church.’

South Africa: This week’s meeting concludes the training which has taken place every Wednesday over the past eight weeks. Shearsby Mupfudzapake (coordinator) says, ‘thanks be to God for the vision to run training in this manner.’ The Langham family is asked to pray for each participant to continue having hunger and passion for the Word as they practice what has been learned.

Liberia: A Level Three Seminar facilitated by Alfred Ballayan, Jeremiah Zweh, and Matthew Gonkerwon (coordinator) is taking place in Peace Island, Jacob Town with 20 people attending. Pray ‘that participants will grasp the principles of preaching from the New Testament.’ Matthew will visit preaching clubs in six locations during the month of September and asks that we pray the ‘participants of the existing preaching clubs will be strengthened and committed to biblical exposition as well as to living out the Word of God.’

Uruguay: Wilfredo Weigandt (coordinator) and Igor Améstegui (director) are visiting Montevideo, Uruguay, laying the foundation for a Langham Preaching movement in the most secular nation in South America. Their four days are full with: communicating the Langham program during personal interviews with pastors from different denominations, introducing Langham Preaching to a group of leaders and pastors at the Bible Society of Uruguay, providing an opportunity for every pastor, leader and lay preacher in the city to participate in a Langham Preaching ‘Appetizer’ event and preaching in different churches Sunday morning. Ask the Lord to guide their steps and reveal to them the pastors and churches who will be committed to the training that Langham offers. As Igor declares, ’The need here is great! So be it, to the glory of God.’

Thanks for your prayers!

The Langham Preaching Team