Equipping preachers and teachers of God's word.

Why Langham Preaching?

God wants his people to grow deep into maturity. This maturity is nurtured through the word of God. While there are many ministries of the Word, not just preaching, all these other ministries are energized when the preaching of the Word of God is biblical, systematic and sustained. Langham Preaching exists to develop preachers to preach in this way.

What is Langham Preaching?

We do this by drawing these preachers into grassroots movements of biblical preaching. These movements are locally owned and operated. They spread through heart languages. They are affordable and accessible. Everything is designed to build competence and confidence in preachers and trainers. With these features in place, we find movements begin to grow and spread.

How Langham Preaching works

As a movement gains momentum, there is a rhythm, a gathering and a scattering, that develops. Preachers gather for seminars, with a clear curriculum and philosophy and then they scatter into preaching clubs which nurture their development as trainers of others. While merely participating in a seminar is unlikely to transform a person’s preaching, what we find is that practicing regularly (in preaching clubs) and passing on what is learned (to local trainers) is enough to transform a preaching ministry – and enough to spark a movement and give it some momentum.

Langham Preaching from July 2019 to June 2020

  • Indigenously led preaching movements in 69 countries, holding 331 pastor training seminars worldwide, in places in need of solid biblical preaching
  • Involved 610 facilitators in training over 9,660 pastors and lay preachers to teach God’s Word in their local context
  • Encouraged ongoing mentoring and training through over 1,140 local preaching clubs of 7-10 pastors and preachers meeting regularly
  • Invested in the future development of the work by holding 5 global or regional consultations, forums or leadership meetings gathering 82 leaders and/or coordinators within their regions to review, communicate, learn and plan together

"Churches live, grow and flourish by the Word of God, and they languish and die without it…whenever the Word of God is faithfully expounded and applied, congregations grow in both size and depth." John Stott


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